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The Business Club was launched by Focus in July 2014 following requests from the business community. It was set up to as a place for local business owners and team members to meet, collaborate, swap advice and discuss achievements.

With a relaxed atmosphere, the business club is gently structured to make the most of your time, and speakers give either advice on their specialisms or other useful information to the group.

Mel Downing, homeopath, is among the people who attend the Business Club meetings. She says that she enjoys the Business Club meetings as she is a fan of local networking. “The relaxed, warm, no pressure nature of the group, appealed. There’s always a great supportive fun atmosphere with no heavy sales. I’ve come to regard a lot of my networking buddies as real friends. Focus Business Club allows those friendships to be nurtured in a gentle ongoing practical way.”

Ian Stephens of Lawn Master is also someone who benefits from attending the Focus Business Club. He notes that it is “a great local meeting that helps promote local businesses. Everyone has a different level, style and purpose to their business, but are always so welcoming. It’s a lovely way to promote your business and build trust with fellow business owners and it’s also a great platform for helping to build local contacts for business and indeed friendships. It is great that contacts you meet help promote your business when someone asks as well. It also helps me build business skills and relationships.”

Mark Parkes hosts the business club at his venue Deli and Dine, he commented: “I was impressed with Focus’ clear vision for the business club. Local business owners helping each other solving common problems. This business club stands out as more than a social get together away from work. Still enjoyable it is very informative, with positive people sharing ideas.”

The Business Club meetings are listed below. For details or to book contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

01777 712617

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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